Professional Concrete Cutter Training Certification Program (PCCTP)

The Professional Concrete Cutter Employment and Training Program (PCCET) will provide industry leading training and employment for 10 Entry Level Professional Concrete Cutters in theVancouver area. The course is a hands-on training program designed to transfer the knowledge and skills required to begin as an entry level concrete cutting professional and progress toward qualifying as a professional concrete cutter given the proper development and experience over time.

The course uses a combination of classroom instruction and practical hands-on experience. Professional Concrete Cutters produce manual concrete slab work including concrete drilling, coring and sawing, electric wall sawing and concrete wire sawing.

Participants will undergo criminal background checks, physical ability checks (ability to safely move 45 lbs.) and workman compensation board checks as part of the program.

The Professional Concrete Cutter Training Program (PCCTP) Overview:

3 Week Course – 120 hours – 15 days training

Program Cost: $2,000 per week

Course 1_ Essential Skills_Professional Concrete Cutting _2017

Course 2_ Safety Skills_Professional Concrete Cutting _2017

Course 3_ Specific Skills_Professional Concrete Cutting _2017