Entry Level Support Worker Program (ELSW)

The Entry Level Support Worker Program (ELSW) is a combination of courses that produces 160 hours of training combined with various industry-recognized content for the participant. The ELSW Program assists unemployed people to break into the industry with entry level skills directly related to support work. Eclipse recognizes that unemployed individuals need to enter the workforce with minimal delay – the ELSW Program provides these building blocks in a condensed 4-week period. 

Week 1 – Professional Essentials – (40 hours)

Week 2 – Nutrition, Health, and Safety – (40 hours)

Week 3 – Client Care – (40 hours)

Week 4 – Health Training & Individual Care – (40 hours)

4 Courses – 160 hours – 20 days training

Four Week Program Cost: $4,750 per person