Diversity and Cultural Training

It has been clearly shown that well-managed, diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams, as they are more creative and effective at innovation and problem-solving.

​In a worldwide survey of three million employees on diversity, employee satisfaction and organizational performance, it was found that creating an inclusive and harmonious environment was a key driver in employee engagement and commitment.

​Diversity training is the centrepiece of diversity management; it challenges ingrained biases and is the primary driver of change in organizational culture. A workplace benefits from diversity training by having employees letting their guards down and building healthy business relationships, as well as decreasing bullying and discrimination.

Diversity and Cross Cultural Programs

  • English language assessments (CLB)
  • English language training
  • The Hidden Job Culture in Canada
  • New Canadian Women In the Workplace
  • How to Excel in Your 3-6 Month Probation Period
  • The Secret to Powerful Resumes
  • Powerful Canadian Leadership Skills
  • Mastering the Interview
  • LinkedIn Training For Job Seekers
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Inclusive Teams
  • Highly Effective Communication in Diverse Workplaces
  • Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution
  • Valuing Diversity on Teams
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • EQ Excellence - Emotional Intelligence: Diversity Edition
  • Setting Inclusive and Diversity Goals and Objectives for Your Organization 
  • Powerful Leadership Skills with People of Different Cultural Backgrounds
  • Mastering the Perspectives of Different Cultures
  • The Performance Evaluation: A Diversity Perspective
  • Promotion to Management: A Diversity Perspective
  • My New Job: A New Canadians Perspective
  • Meetings Management with Diverse Teams