Refrigerator Plant Operator

This 15-day course is a Refrigeration Operator Program that provides the technical knowledge and skills needed by individuals wanting to enter into the field of power engineering. The program provides essential knowledge of safety, legislation, refrigeration principles, systems, equipment and operation, applied electricity, maintenance and problem solving. Upon successful completion of the program, participants are prepared to write the BC Safety Authority examination for an interprovincial Refrigeration Operator Certificate of Competency.

Learning Outcomes:
● Refrigeration Schematic flow diagrams of systems including:
● Types of compressors used
● Compressor size
● Compressor capacities
● Pressures and temperatures and Methods of capacity control.
● Safety devices and operational controls installed on systems to ensure safe and efficient operation.
● Compressor and refrigeration system maintenance procedures to be in place to ensure safe refrigeration plant operation as well as ensuring compliance with the required Act, Regulations and Codes.

Instructional Objectives:
● Transfer refrigeration operation and safety knowledge
● Teach the legal and regulatory requirements to participants
● Prepare participants to write the BC Safety Authority examination
● Engage the learner through relevant examples of refrigeration issues
● Engage the learner with experiential learning
● Transfer knowledge of best practices in refrigeration operation practices
● Transfer best practices refrigeration operation knowledge and skills to learners

Course Components:
● Best practices in refrigeration safety equipment and processes
● BC and Canadian legislation and risk reduction practices
● Refrigeration operation principles, systems and equipment
● Operation and maintenance of refrigeration processes, policies and procedures
● Produce operations solutions and problem solving in relevant refrigeration situations

Delivery Methods:
The module will be delivered in through 15 full day workshops. The module is designed for group training. There is a lecture and discussion format that is based on actual workplace situations that are impacting the company. Small group breakout sessions are part of this module. Learning activities and interaction and experiential learning is a major part of the course where participants work together to use the knowledge and new techniques. There are role playing and practice sessions associated with this module.

1. A formal evaluation process is designed for this module that will be completed by all participants. This will ensure the company can measure the effectiveness of the module prior to the next module being delivered.
2. There will be an informal feedback during training at the halfway point of the module via group discussion and one on one feedback with participants.
3. A formal written evaluation (computer and/or hard copy) by each participant post training.
4. A formal review of module assessment process is scheduled with company management post training.

Measurement of Success:
A written and/or verbal evaluation by the management team of the company will take place within 5 working days of the module being completed. Adjustments in content, delivery methods or any other changes will be made if required, prior to the next module being delivered. Success is based on knowledge gained and skills learned via the course objectives and learning outcomes of the course.

$3,500 per participant

15 days – 8:30 am to 5 pm
120 hours

Instructor: Mike Garcia PE, FMP
Mike Garcia began his career in power engineering and facility management in 2003 and now is regarded as a leading specialist and dynamic educator in power engineering and facility management.

Mike is the owner of Total Facilities Management Consultants International (TFMCI) a company comprised by a group of professional power engineering specialists and facilities management consultants. He leads workshops and provides services in boiler and power plant operations, large facilities operations, pulp mills, manufacturing, agrifoods, mining, petrochemicals and the forest industry across BC and Canada.