Global Business and FITT Training

You are part of a global economy whether you want to be or not. Companies market goods and services across borders using the Internet. That means you may find welcome markets far from your doorstep. Customers don't care where you are, except for concerns about shipping costs. If you can find ways to ship affordably, you can seek markets wherever they may be.


Global Business/FITT Training

  • Go Global! The benefits and risks of international business
  • Marketing to Asia
  • Your key to success in international business: A trustworthy business partner
  • Your international marketing plan
  • Your international business plan
  • Gaining market share in another country
  • How to get your first sale overseas
  • The 7 steps to international sales success
  • Cultural barriers to international business 
  • Dealing with corruption in international business
  • Contracts and business tips when doing business around the world
  • The true costs of an international startup
  • Gaining international sales traction
  • Diversity training for Canadian companies doing business overseas (25 countries)

FITT - International Trade Training

  • Global Business Environment
  • International Trade Research
  • International Trade Finance
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • International Market Entry Strategies
  • International Marketing
  • Legal Aspects of International Trade
  • International Trade Management