150 Essential Employee Training Topics

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It's a good time to build your groups into high performance teams :

  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Supervison
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Diversity Training
  • Workplace Safety Training for Employees
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment Training for Employees
  • Emergency Preparedness & Fire Prevention Training
  • Team Building Training for Employees - Workplace Team Building
  • Office Ergonomics Training
  • Hazard Communication Training
  • More....

Do Something Remarkable This Year – Plan For Success

Eclipse Takes Care of all the details.
We facilitate the event, book the facility, organize the event and bring your team together so you can win.

Eclipse Strategic Planning Results A Vision for Your Future

  • Inspire, Engage and Motivate Your Team
  • Drive Sales, Focus Marketing and Control Costs
  • A Renewed Mission for your People
  • Clear Focus and Direction
  • Solve Key Problems
  • Build A Culture of Innovation
  • Crush Your Competition



“If you are in business, the most important thing you will do this year is plan.
Nothing is more powerful than working with your key people to create your future together.”

Eclipse - 6 Steps To Results: Strategic Planning

Number One

We Set The Stage

Before any strategic planning begins, Eclipse works closely with you to prepare for the success of your planning. To be successful, we ensure you have your key stakeholders readily armed with important information before planning begins so decisions during planning are made by invested participants, armed with facts.

Your people will be prepared to take on important roles and responsibilities when you plan. It is important they fully buy in and participate 100% in the planning process.

We will also ensure that important external analyses are completed before planning. Issues like your target market, your position in that market, the demographics of your target market, who your competition is and your customers perspective are important to have at the meeting so everybody can be brought on the same page. We also ensure key economic, political, and environmental or other key business information is available so your strategic planning is based on facts and accurate information.

Number Two

The Perfect Fit

The creation of exceptional team vision, innovation and inspiration requires we spend good quality time together. Bringing your people together in the right way at the right times is an important feature of effective planning so Eclipse works closely with you to structure your strategic planning meetings for maximum results. Effective strategic planning times differ between organizations and we know the schedule often makes a big difference.
Some organizations like the intensity and excitement of back-to-back full day planning sessions while others like a more spread out schedule.  While it is important that your people meet to plan for your future, it must fit with your business objectives and must add value to your organization. Eclipse will help you find the perfect fit.

Number Three

We Build Trust

Our custom facilitation process is proven to build trust and safety so your people will open up, participate freely and create together. With the experience of over 20 years working with over 250 companies, Eclipse brings significant business expertise and professional facilitation skills to ensure your planning is organized, well paced, effective and fun. We know people give more effort, participate more fully and are more honest and productive when they feel safe and are having fun.

Eclipse facilitation ensures you and your people participate in planning sessions that will build team spirit, focus groups and individuals on the task at hand, generate great results and drive the planning process forward to completion.

Number FourYour Action Plan

Eclipse ensures the results of planning are written in a “checklist style” Action Plan. Your Action Plan will include the roles and responsibilities of people, the deadlines, the resources that are required and the expected outcome for each action. 

Every action is written in a way that you can identify and measure the return on investment derived from the action.


Number FiveEvaluation

At completion, Eclipse produces an independent evaluation of the strategic planning process that will give your organization a clear understanding of how successful and important the event was from the perspective of the participants.



Number SixFollow up and ROI Measurement

Eclipse follows up on your strategic planning process at the one-month, three-month, six-month and one-year mark to ensure the Action Plan is being measured for success and ROI reported.
Updates on ROI will be made to the organization at these times.
Your Action Plan is a living document and adjustments can be made at any time.