High Performance Team Development

How Do I Get More Effective At Building My Team?

Learn the secrets to exceptional team performance so you can begin to build teams that produce excellence, innovation and increased productivity.

A High Performance Team provides organizational leaders with the skills to unlock the talents and problem-solving abilities of a company. Nothing innovates, creates and produces like a HPTD. This course teaches leaders how to unleash the productivity, energy, creativity and problem-solving capacity of those around them. A very special 2-day program.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the Skills of Inspiring Team Leadership
  • Learn how to Build a High Performance Team
  • How the Skills of Free up Managers to Lead
  • Learn how HPTD increases Employee Retention, Employee Engagement
  • Plan for Your Team Development
  • Assess Your Team Management Skills

The course is instructed by one of Canada’s best team building training experts who will take the time to work with you to work together in after the course as your own high performance team building coach so you practically apply the concepts. 

Bonus Package: Multi-media packages, training program complete with workbook, exercises and audio reinforcement, personal one on one coaching, certificate of completion.

Course Value and Outcomes

This is high impact team building program over two days where you will develop key team building techniques, actions and insights

  • Skills and Confidence: You will gain insight into your personal strengths and weaknesses, and produce a team building plan and strategy to move your groups into powerful work units that produce extraordinary results.
  • Better Team Culture: Your Team conflicts and gossip will disappear and your work space will see positive, performance orientated culture develop where people care for each other
  • Innovation: You’ll seen improvements in innovation, performance and quality
  • Motivation: You’ll achieve higher levels of employee motivation and empowerment
  • Results: Your organizations and departs will see improved performance and growth
  • Long Term Benefit: The sales skills you will learn are with you over the long term. You’ll be able to take these skills with you as your career develops.
  • Your Confidence Will Soar: Obtain practical techniques to motivate others and elevate team performance

Who Should Attend?

Managers, Sales Professionals, Owners and Senior Managers, Front line Supervisors, Department Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Executives.

What Clients Are Saying

“We are thrilled at the results of the team building seminars. Our team came together and this hasn’t happened for a while. People had the most fun they have had in year and I see the direct result at work… every day.” – Patrice Gagnon – Manager Costco Wholesale


  • At Your Business/Onsite
  • Vancouver
  • Vancouver Island
  • Richmond BC
  • Langley BC

Instructor: Hans Trupphans-trupp

Hans has over 20 years as an elite corporate trainer working with organizations across North America. He is a dynamic and knowledgeable professional who is passionate about professional development, corporate training and business performance coaching.

As an experienced entrepreneur and sales executive, he is fully committed to building leaders and growing businesses by evaluating what makes them unique. He is passionate about training and coaching using time tested and proven materials to ensure that sustainable improvement is achieved quickly. Hans specializes in being a catalyst for coaches, business owners, executives, and their teams. By working with Hans, you will set and reach goals for the highest levels of personal and professional success.