70% Of People Are Not Engaged In their Work

Inspired people like their jobs more, innovate more, compete at higher levels and overall produce better job outcomes. Inspired people come to work more happy and are more fun to be around.

Yet the Globe and Mail (December 2015) reported up to 70% of employees are not engaged in some organizations. To clarify, the study noted many employees do not find their jobs satisfying, would rather be somewhere else, or are less productive than they should be.

People who are inspired at work produce more, then they go home at night and inspire their children, spouses, schools, communities, boards and committees, neighbours, clubs and sports teams. There are big rewards when people are inspired. 

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  1. “Millennials are most likely of all generations to say they will leave their jobs in the next 12 months if the job market improves,” Gallup found. “Employees with a college degree are not as likely as those with less education to report having a positive, engaging workplace experience.”

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