Human Knowledge Doubles Every 13 Months

Let’s get right to it. Eclipse HR exists to inspire people. We know that learning something important can change lives and help organizations thrive. That’s what we try and do all day everyday. In our experience (over 25 years) we have found it’s the inspired people, the passionate people that build companies, advance organizations, that innovate, […]

70% Of People Are Not Engaged In their Work

Inspired people like their jobs more, innovate more, compete at higher levels and overall produce better job outcomes. Inspired people come to work more happy and are more fun to be around. Yet the Globe and Mail (December 2015) reported up to 70% of employees are not engaged in some organizations. To clarify, the study noted many […]

Recruitment 2016–2020: New Talent Pools

Two major demographic pressures affecting the Canadian labour force today include: the large number of baby boomers approaching retirement age and the shortage of young people available to replace them. Competition for employees will continue—and increase—as employers in all sectors are affected by changing labour force demographics. There is a wealth of skilled and talented […]

Leadership: Job 1

Building leadership capacity, which refers to developing leaders who are capable of stepping up to successively, Is one of the top human capital challenges according to the Conference Board of Canada’s third edition of Human Resources Trends and Metrics: HR Measurement Benchmarking.  “Leadership capacity is the top human capital challenge, and this reality has not changed […]